AR/VR Industry Expert Consulting Service
With the rise of Taiwan’s VR/AR industry, the need for collaboration or consulting arises for industry R&D, technology matchmaking, BD, investments, market development, IP licensing and protection…etc. TAVAR will work with DCIPO to co-launch “AR/VR Industry Expert Consulting Service”, to assist with VR/AR industry development and growth. Through selection, we will appoint Taiwan’s related fields experts to offer professional advice, in hopes of filling the industry information gap, and assisting industry development to better meet the needs and expectations of the market, while improving the industry’s competition, to create more Taiwan AR/VR industry success stories.
Consultation Field
The following fields are open for consultation: 1. Content Technology: Unity,Unreal, Autodesk…etc. VR game engine problems; Nvidia、AMD…etc. SDK problems. 2. VR Software Hardware Integration: Various HMD、External Device System Integration 3. Overseas Marketing: Product Licensing Negotiation, Overseas Expansion Channels, and Business Contract. 4. Patent Deployment and Protection 5. Market/Investment Consultation: Global Market Trend, Mainstream Technology Development, and Project Investment Consultation.