From the President
Dear TAVAR members, welcome to the TAVAR family! First, I'd like to express my profound gratitude to all of you for your enthusiastic support and genuine encouragement towards the TAVAR Association. I owe a heartfelt thank you to our past and present board members and our secretariat colleagues. Thanks to their dedication and outstanding achievements, the TAVAR Association has continued to thrive and progress. With the honor bestowed upon me, I am privileged to take on the role of the fourth term president of TAVAR. Over the next three years, I commit to fulfilling my responsibilities as president, integrating resources across various sectors with an international cooperative outlook, and actively serving our members. TAVAR has been established for seven years. Our major goal and mission are to ensure the continuous development of the XR industry and to advance towards the innovative integration of artificial intelligence with the Metaverse. Our current board members possess high-level international perspectives, innovative energy, and achievements in academia, government, and industry sectors. They are the driving force behind our bright vision for the future and collaborators in realizing our shared dreams. Today, the terms "Metaverse" and "Artificial Intelligence" are not just technological words; they have entered our daily lives, bringing innovative opportunities to various industries. Looking to the future, we will firmly advance international collaboration in academia, government, and industry, establishing Taiwan as TAVAR's innovation base. We will actively integrate innovative energies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Metaverse, Blockchain, Cyber-physical integration, and Quantum computing. We will continue to strengthen our industry ecosystem and develop strategies for combining AI with Metaverse innovations, aiming to create a sustainable business environment with international competitiveness. Once again, thank you for your support and love. We welcome and appreciate your valuable suggestions to help improve the board's service quality. I wish all of you good health and soaring success in your endeavors!
TAVAR President
TAVAR is Taiwan’s first VR/AR association and trade group dedicated to promoting virtual and augmented reality technology and accelerating industry growth through government collaboration. TAVAR aims to bridge the Taiwan IT industry to international markets by building a network of talent in the software, hardware, and creative fields.
TAVAR aims to promote and expand Taiwan’s VR/AR industry, actively form alliances and cross-field cooperation, to bridge the Taiwan IT industry to international markets and establish a leading position in the world.
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• Technical Content Cooperation
• Cross-industry Exchange
• International Resource Connection
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Located in digiBlock A. Taipei City Government introduced digital industrial energy to build the industrial chain and internationalization Yuanshan Innovation Hub. Innovative digital technology, combined with the mode of cross-industry integration of platforms and innovative services, has driven the rise of the digital economy and has become an important force driving the transformation of industrial structure and sustainable development.